The Third Culture

Neuroscience and the Humanities


In 1959, CP Snow, a scientist and fiction writer, published a book called The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution, in which he argued that science and the humanities were no longer communicating, and that such a failure of communication also represented the breakdown of our educational system. He posited, in a later version, the creation of a third culture, one that would synthesize the two existing cultures, allowing science to speak about the humanistic questions dominating intellectual discourse–what is art, what does it mean to be human, etc. Groups such as The Edge ( have been championing this third culture for quite some time. My hope here is to develop third culture ideas relating to the brain.

My name is Jon Bardin, and I am a researcher at Columbia’s fMRI lab. Before getting here, I have dabbled in visual theory, visual psychology, and environmental psychology. You can contact me at

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